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We enable partners to quickly add an SMS-based coaching service to their platform. Through our technology, judgment-free coaching methodology and content, we drive your community's success.

There are two options for our accountability-as-a-service:
Group Pricing
White Labeling

SMS-based coaching is powerful

Wishroute provides the support and encouragement your group needs to form and stick with healthy habits so they stick with you
Text drives engagement

98% SMS vs. 14% health app push notification open rate

Don't get left behind!

39% of businesses use SMS in some form and 73% expect SMS budget to increase next year

We aren't bots!
Consumers prefer 2-way texting

75% of consumers get frustrated when they can't respond to automated SMS messages

Group Pricing

Wishroute's coaching customized to support your group's needs
Boost emotional and physical health and reduce loneliness and stress by offering Wishroute coaching to your employees. We offer attractive group rates, and we'll work with you to make sure your employees have the support they need.

Positive habits with 2 texts a day

Employees love our modern, human-centric approach!

  • Morning tip and evening accountability check-in
  • Trained Wishroute guides keep employees on track
  • Ready-to-go marketing materials and periodic reporting
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Learn More About Our Programs

Wellness offerings for every employee! Your group can all work on the same topic, or each employee can pick from your desired list of our programs. Messaging can also be customized for your specific needs.

Healthy Eating

Employees build healthy habits around snacking, sugar, meal prep, veggies and more. There are many ways to be successful!

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They'll move more and sit less. Every little bit counts! We'll help your group integrate more movement into their days.

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A program centered on self-care to help reduce stress and burnout. Home workouts, meditations, healthy snacking and more.

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White labeling

Our platform, highly customized to your brand
We enable partners to quickly add an SMS-based coaching service to their platforms. Through our technology, judjment-free coaching methodology, and content, we drive user engagement, conversion, and long-term retention.

A premium offering that delivers results

Wishroute provides the support and encouragement your users need to form a habit around your product and achieve their intention = they stick with you!

  • AM tips: link to your content or app, boosting engagement
  • PM check-ins: accountability drives your desired actions
  • All without adding more staff!
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Improve free trial

Increase user activation and conversion rate

Sustain engagement

Drive quality interactions, increase retention and user success

Further monetize

Add accountability coaching as a premium offering

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Shoot us a message if you want to learn more about Wishroute's partnership offerings or have any questions. We'd love to hear from you!
"There are plenty of videos showing us what to do. Now, we need someone to make sure we do it. Expect to see accountability-as-a-service applied to every vertical within fitness and wellness, including nutrition, sleep, mindfulness,mental health, and more."
Anthony Vennare, CEO Fitt Insider, July 2020

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