Wish it was easier to stay on track with your wellness goals? Let us help!

Your personal accountability team will help you build and sustain healthy habits, one day at a time

Create change that sticks

Avoided stress snacking? We'll help you celebrate! Missed your workout because a meeting ran late?
We'll help you make a plan for tomorrow.

  • One achievable goal per day
  • Morning inspiration and evening check-in text
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How Wishroute Works

Wishroute's unique methodology goes beyond any goal-setting app you've tried before. We keep things simple, achievable, and human.
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Sign up and tell us about yourself! We'll help you build a healthy routine, one habit at a time, to keep change simple and achievable.

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We keep it fun!
Build a Sustainable Routine

You'll unlock new habits as you progress and pick a new focus area each month. Earn points and surprise gifts in the mail along the way!

Choose a Route

Choose where you'd like to start your journey! You'll work on one focus area at a time and can switch routes as you progress. Learn more about our philosophy here.

Healthy Eating

Make mindful food choices. Focus on snacking, sugar, meal prep or veggies. There are many ways to be successful!

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Move more and sit less. Every little bit counts! We'll help you integrate more movement into your day and level up your workouts.

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Practice self-care through social distancing. Meditations, home workouts, healthy snacking and more.

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Planning + Accountability = Success

Studies show that 76% of people who write down a plan and share weekly progress with others achieve their goal. Wishroute helps you do both and makes success easier. 80% of Wishrouters achieve their daily goals
"Wishroute is the wellness accountability buddy I've been seeking for years and years! Someone to celebrate my successes (no matter how small) and keep me motivated day after day. Thank you so much!"

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