Wellness is tough right now, but we're here to help

Stuck at home? Wellness routine disrupted? Need an extra push to take care of yourself? As a text-based service we’re uniquely able to support those practicing social distancing and we're here to help with our new program: Staying Mindful, Moving, and Motivated at Home.

Sign up now and we'll be the judgment-free accountability buddy you need to maintain your self-care.
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Daily texts from
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We’re offering personalized support to help you stay mindful, moving, and motivated at home.

  • Each morning, we’ll text you a workout, meditation, or healthy eating tip
  • Each evening, we'll ask how your self-care went. Tough day? No judgment, we’ll help you strategize for tomorrow
  • When you respond, you’ll earn points and rewards!
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We'll help you stay on track

You’ll start with our month-long Staying Mindful, Moving, and Motivated at Home program, then jump into our healthy eating or exercise support.
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  • Real people personally respond to your texts
  • Get a month, give a month
    to a healthcare worker
  • The team is available daily 8am-10pm EST
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Planning + Accountability = Success

Studies show that 76% of people who write down a plan and share weekly progress with others achieve their goal. Wishroute helps you do both and makes success easier. 80% of Wishrouters achieve their daily goals

Hear from our Wishrouters

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“I’ve needed some TLC and gentle encouragement. I’m just trying to find a new normal. Day 1 and I feel loved.”
“Wishroute provides the perfect blend between a fitness guru, an accountability partner, and a cheerleader. With daily check-ins, rewards, and encouraging feedback, I got myself back on track, trying new workouts, and loving the process.”
"I really like Wishroute. Now that my trainer and I don’t meet one-on-one each week I have been really feeling disconnected. Receiving the texts in the morning is really motivating, I have so upped my game."
"Wishroute is the wellness accountability buddy I've been seeking for years and years! Someone to celebrate my successes (no matter how small) and keep me motivated day after day. Thank you so much!"

Helping others is our way of life

Jess here, Wishroute founder. When my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002, my family had to adjust our lifestyle. Incremental changes were the key to our success, as we added one manageable habit at a time to improve our diet or exercise. My mother wrote a book on how we created a healthy lifestyle, and we helped other families across the country do the same.

Wishroute was born from this experience so anyone, at any point, can achieve and sustain lifestyle change in a modern and simple way.

We’re a team of nutrition experts, personal trainers, and people passionate about helping you create balance and stay motivated. We had our own wellness journeys, and now we’re here to help you navigate yours.
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