The best tool to convert more freemium users to paying customers

Find out how Wishroute's human-powered sms coaching can increase your conversion, retention, and customer success
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SMS-based coaching is powerful

Getting your trial customers to subscribe is tough, Wishroute's human-powered sms coaching proactively engages your customers with authentic conversations, increasing their success and your revenue💲
High Open Rates
98% vs. 14%

SMS vs. push notifications

Human Connection

Higher rate of success when you’re accountable to another person

2-Way Texting

Businesses see increased revenue from live chat

Wishroute guarantees a positive ROI $

We cut through the noise of app notifications, emails, and bots and turn people's attention to your product through 2-way SMS.

Our real human Wishroute guides
personally engage and support your customers, increasing free-to-paid conversion, retention, and customer success.
Proven to work with:
  • Mobile apps focused on mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition
  • Meal subscriptions
  • Weight-loss programs
  • Wellness challenges
  • And more!

Wishroute’s human-powered messaging platform will:

Radically improve conversion

Increase free-trial activation and conversion rates and help people start strong

Increase retention

Reduce your customer churn by sustaining engagement through quality interactions

Further monetize

Add accountability coaching or host challenges as a premium offering for your community!

Next generation customer engagement that delivers results📈

Wishroute's unique engagement methodology is human but cost-effective and scalable

  • Inspire with tips and reminders: we text links to your content or app with why they'll love it, boosting interest
  • Check-ins on goals: we provide judgment-free accountability and proactive support, driving success
  • All without adding more staff!
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