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 Ate healthier? 

WishRoute is Your Accountability Buddy™

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How it works

Choose your wish and answer questions about your wish, lifestyle, and preferences

Your Journey


Receive personalized tips to move you forward via text or email

Your Accountability Buddy TM

Make your weekly game plan and WishRoute will check in daily via text for accountability


Real people on the WishRoute team will encourage you to keep going - celebrating wins and supporting you through road bumps


Redeem points for surprise gifts

related to your wish or donate points to sponsor someone who can't afford WishRoute!

Ready to get moving?

You know that friend who talks you into a work out you usually dread but always leave feeling good about? WishRoute is the service version of that friend - curating the kind of workouts that work for my crazy life - and giving me the nudge I need to make it a priority.


Melissa K.

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