Wishroute increases conversion and retention through text message coaching

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SMS-based coaching is powerful

We proactively engage your audience, providing the information and encouragement they need to form healthy habits around your products and services and achieve their goals.
Text messages drive engagement

98% SMS vs. 14% health app push notification open rate

Human connection inspires accountability

6.5X higher rate of success when you’re accountable to another person

We aren't bots!
Consumers prefer 2-way texting

79% of businesses said that implementing live chat resulted in increased customer loyalty, sales and revenue

Wishroute guarantees a positive ROI💲

We cut through the noise of app notifications, emails, and bots and turn people's attention to your product through 2-way SMS. We provide caring humans and augment them with AI to build connection and long-term loyalty with your brand, at any scale.

Wishroute’s unique messaging platform will help you:

Improve onboarding and free trial

Increase free-trial activation rate and/or engagement to get people started off strong

Sustain engagement

Drive quality interactions, increase retention and user success through daily or weekly check-ins

Further monetize

Add accountability coaching as a premium offering or host engaging challenges for your community!

The next generation of customer engagement that delivers results📈

Wishroute's unique engagement methodology enables you to provide the support and encouragement your users need to be successful so they stick with you!

  • Inspire: text links to your content or app with why they'll love it, boosting engagement & adding value
  • Check-in: provide judgment-free accountability and proactive support, driving brand loyalty and success
  • All without adding more staff!
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"There are plenty of videos showing us what to do. Now, we need someone to make sure we do it. Expect to see accountability-as-a-service applied to every vertical within fitness and wellness, including nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, mental health, and more."
Anthony Vennare, CEO Fitt Insider, July 2020