Our Philosophy

WishRoute will push you to embrace the anything-is-better-than-nothing mentality. Every healthier choice counts and adds up. Whether you’re starting from scratch, returning to a healthy routine you’ve fallen out of, or taking your current routine up a notch— we meet you where you are and help you move forward. What’s important is that you start.


We believe external accountability is a powerful tool that will help you build healthy habits. Creating a healthy lifestyle requires daily healthy decisions which is why we hold you accountable on a daily basis to the habit you’re building. Over time, your healthy habits will strengthen into a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


Our focus is on the journey — not the destination or a goal — because health and wellness is a lifelong journey of prioritizing yourself. We want to hear from you when you have a great day, and when you don’t - it’s all about learning and trying again the next day. We don’t reserve celebration for when you achieve a lofty end goal. We believe you deserve to #LoveYourRoute and should feel accomplishment, pride, and happiness on a daily basis when you make healthy choices.

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