How We Keep Our Wishroute Guides Inspired to Support Your Customers (and 4 Mindfulness Tips You Can Try Today)

Kait Taylor

As a platform centered around helping people build healthy habits, we strongly believe in regular personal and professional development for our team so we too can create healthy habits. This starts with the development of our Wishroute Guides who are trained in our unique, judgment-free methodology from the get-go. But it’s our workshops, helpful resources, and activities that bring their understanding of a customer’s product focus - such as meditation, weight loss, and even personal finance - to the next level. We’ve shown that inspired guides lead to successful users and increased revenue for our customers.

Our most recent guide team development session was a Virtual Mindfulness Workshop with meditation coach Molly Williams. She led our guides through several meditations and discussions to help them find mindfulness in their own lives, so that they can in turn help our customer’s users find mindfulness in theirs. 

Since we’re so passionate about bringing wellness and mindfulness tips to everyone, we’re sharing Molly’s mindfulness tips to inspire YOU to feel present and stress-free in your day 😊

“Wishoute is so powerful as a model of coaching … because what people need to create change is consistent, small steps day after day.” - Molly Williams, meditation coach 

Molly’s Tips for a Mindful Mindset 

Mindfulness is simply awareness, without judgment 

A daily practice of mindfulness is about pausing to become aware of your body and spot any “disconnections” within yourself (think of ingrained habits you do without thinking, like snacking without listening to your hunger cues). “You can’t change what you’re not aware of,” said Molly. With awareness comes the choice to make change. 

Making time to take a daily pause is a crucial part of building a mindfulness practice. Whether during yoga or meditation, it’s important to “remind” yourself to slow down on a consistent basis.

But, Molly says, we get into trouble when we get busy. “We are a culture that values productivity - work harder, work longer, push through it. We think we can THINK our way out of everything, but the truth is we can’t.” When we work from a mindful place, we’re actually more effective because we’re not suffering from stress and burn out.

Stress and anxiety come from not being present

“We’re doing one thing, but our mind is off and racing in different directions,” said Molly. “To be fully present is to be in the NOW.” 

Molly added that much of the reason anxiety is at an all-time high right now for many of us is because we are worried about the future. We can, and should, bring ourselves back to the present with a practice of pauses to check in with how our bodies are feeling. 

Reverse the stress and call yourself to the present by getting out of your head - literally  

“The fastest way to reduce stress is with physical movement,” said Molly.

Yoga and other exercise are great ways to become “aware” of your body, but simple instant practices work too, like noticing (without judgment) any tension in your body and relaxing your muscles, slowing your breath, or even becoming aware of your senses - what you feel, what you hear (or don’t hear), what objects you can see or what you can smell.

Remember you are what you think

The more you can become AWARE of your point of focus - whether it’s stressing about something in the future, or feeling frustrated over discomfort -  the faster you can make the shift. 

“Whatever we focus on is what we experience,” said Molly. “If we focus on that negative thought, we FEEL that negative thought, but if we focus on our muscles to relax, we’ll relax.” 

If you’re interested in connecting with Molly, you can find out more about her here. And if you want to learn more about Wishroute and how our guides are uniquely suited to support your users, send us a message.

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