How You Can Use Wishroute to Increase Free Trial Conversion Rate 20%

Kait Taylor

Consumer facing companies are spending a significant amount of their resources to attract sign ups for their app’s or product's free trial. The biggest challenge isn’t getting sign ups, it’s converting free trial users to paying customers. Many of the companies we talk to are losing between 40-60% of customers during that trial period. Not only are they spending a ton of time optimizing Facebook and Instagram ads, they're paying a lot to acquire each new sign up. 

In the wellness space specifically, there’s no limit on the amount of apps available for consumers looking to make a lifestyle change -- whether it be reading daily, walking more, meditating, learning a language, or tracking calories. Everything users need to get started, like ready-to-go tools, informative content and live sessions, are right in their pockets. However, users still struggle to stick with new habits (and thus keep their subscriptions) because of one key missing element: human support. 

That's where Wishroute's unique human powered platform comes in. We use strategic text messaging, essentially coaching, designed specifically to help companies nudge customers along their desired path, resulting in higher engagement, retention and revenue. Real people can listen, reason and empathize. They provide real accountability, checking in on your customers’ goals and having 2-way conversations to talk through challenges. We cut through the noise and get your customers’ attention right from sign up, helping them stay on track and increase the likelihood they stick with using your product.

Bringing Wishroute Onboard 

We’ve successfully demonstrated that providing a human connection between a company and its customers drives user engagement. In one such case study, the addition of Wishroute’s personal human coaching via text increased the free-to-paid conversion rates of a meditation app by 20%. 

After struggling to engage its new users, this meditation app decided to team up with Wishroute. Similar to the experiences of many wellness apps, this company saw new user engagement drop over 50% in just the first 2 days of a 7-day free trial. This meant they were also losing their investment on the Facebook and Google ads they’d bought to attract customers (only to have users download the app, opt-in to a free trial, and never return).   

By introducing Wishroute’s support into their 7-day free trial, each app user had a deeper connection with the company’s team (thanks to our Wishroute Guides™), meaning they felt cared for and supported. 

  • To start, we proactively texted customers when they downloaded the app and answered any questions they had about the product
  • Throughout the 7-day trial, we texted users to suggest meditations that aligned with their intentions
  • We also texted users each night to “check in”on how it went following through with their daily meditation practice, helping them stay accountable to their intention. We also provided coaching support if they were struggling with implementing their new habit

The reactions were amazing!

The results not only included heartwarming responses from users, but also hard data to demonstrate the effectiveness of our support: of the customers who went through our full SMS experience, 30% engaged in text message conversations with our team. Customers on average texted back 3.7 times during the week, and many more clicked through the links we texted them to open the app.

The increase in engagement led to a 20% bump in the free trial conversion rate, creating over $1 million in potential new revenue. 

In addition to a successful 140% return on investment, the meditation app also gained:

  • Referrals: Multiple customers wrote back how they had told all of their friends and family to download the app. 
  • Glowing app reviews from happy users, increasing the likelihood of new downloads.
  • Lifetime loyalty from customers who were moved by the personal support they received, some of them in a real time of need - it was not uncommon for users to say they downloaded the meditation app as a way to cope with trauma, injury/illness and loss they were experiencing in their lives.

The bottom line? If you blow people away with delightful, personal experiences, they’ll return the favor.

“I am enjoying every minute of the day with this amazing app. I even boasted about it a couple times to people!”

“Thanks for reaching out and you do not know how uplifting it is to see a text asking about my day” 

This meditation app’s success is just one example of Wishroute’s positive impact on a company’s revenue and overall user experience. It’s our mission to complement YOUR app’s amazing content and features. By highlighting all that your company has to offer and helping your customers make the most of those resources,they’ll also find success with THEIR goals. Through exceptional support, we get your customers to adopt your product, help them maintain their motivation, and create long-lasting habits around your product that actually stick, resulting in higher engagement, retention and revenue for you 😉

Want to learn more about how Wishroute can help personalize your company's text message strategy to increase your free trial conversion rate? Text “Wishroute” to (617) 553-6631 or say hello here!

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