5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Text Messages to Customers

Katie Piltch

In an ever-changing busy world, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for marketers to cut through the noise and communicate with customers. Meeting people where they are is vitally important, and as we discussed in our last blog, text messaging is the future of B2C marketing. Incorporating text messaging into your marketing strategy is only the first step - what’s even more important is ensuring your messaging is effective. 

Here are 5 simple tools and tricks you can start using today to create clear and compelling messages via text - we'd love to hear if you put any into practice or if you have any questions!

Make it human

Leverage personal details you already know about the customer (such as a goal or upcoming event) to draw a connection.

Two examples:

We know your goal is to save money for travel, (name) - take a second to reflect on what's working and what isn't 🤔 Consider trying out the helpful daily budgeting tool in our app and feel free to text us any questions!

Hey, (name), can’t believe your Aruba trip is 5 days away. All the hard work you’ve put in is about to pay off so keep it up!

Make it contextual

Drop the formalities and give them context for why you’re texting and how what you’re saying fits into their life.

An example:

Good morning (name), we're sharing a quick meditation today because we know you're trying to reduce stress 🧘🏽

Use emojis

Emojis speak louder than words and add a light-hearted touch. Remember to use them inclusively.

Two examples:

Happy Pride Month, (name) 🏳️🌈! Here's a Spotify playlist celebrating Pride that will help you stay focused while studying for this week's Spanish quiz

We're sharing three meal prep tips today to help you make the most of our grocery delivery this week (name), text us back if you have any questions! 
1️⃣Think ahead and pick 2 meals you can cook today that are easy to re-heat throughout the week
2️⃣ Chop up the cucumbers & carrots for quick go-to snacks
3️⃣ With any remaining produce, give it a quick wash and store in the fridge to maximize freshness

Make it a conversation

People expect to be able to text back. Enable two-way communication.

An example:

Hi, (name). Were you able to get in that stretch session this morning? If not, let us know what got in your way - we'll help you make a plan to crush it tomorrow ✔️

Cater to their preferences:

See if there’s a specific time of day they’d prefer to get messages, or if they’re looking for specific content.

An example:

Hey, (name), if you'd like our texts to come at a different time, just text us what time you'd like 💭

Want to learn more about how Wishroute can uplevel and personalize your text message strategy? Text “Wishroute” to (617) 553-6631 or say hello here!

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