Wishroute x The Experience Strategy Podcast

Katie Piltch

Creating engaging customer experiences is more important than ever given all of the emails, notifications, and real world distractions people have around them. People with aspirational goals that sign up for a product or service to help them change an element of their life may be well intentioned, but signing up for something is only the first step. They need personal support to succeed. At Wishroute, we create magic for these customers via text message by combining digital support, human accountability, and our unique coaching methodology.

Our founder and CEO Jess Lynch recently discussed the importance of human-in-the-loop, data-centric customer support on The Experience Strategy Podcast with Aransas Savas and Dave Nolan.

A few key takeaways from Jess’ feature that companies can use to better support their customers:

  1. Companies often don’t provide new customers the support they need to change their habits and adopt the new product. For example, with wellness apps, in just the first 3 days, 70% of customers stop engaging with the app, creating a lost revenue opportunity and people unable to meet their goals.
  2. Proactive strategic text messaging flips customer service on its head, as it allows companies to meet their customers where they are via authentic two-way conversations before a problem arises.This creates a meaningful and genuine relationship that sustains engagement. 
  3. An impactful digital customer support solution combines clear and actionable data with human intervention. Companies should ask customers what they want to understand their challenges - and then show them they’ve been heard.
  4. Companies need to invest in key moments in the customer journey. Providing additional human support during these times will pay off for both the customer and the company.
  5. It’s important to focus on helping people feel and be successful with both the product and in their lives - that’s what breeds long-term loyalty.

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