Top 5 Things the Most Successful Wishrouters Do

Whether you’re new to Wishroute, are curious about how things work around here, or are looking for ways to bring more accountability into your wellness routine, these tips are for you from Team Wishroute!
Kait Taylor
“Respond on days when you know you’ll earn a point AND on days when you know you won’t.”

✨ Michelle  |   Guide & Content Maven   Team Wishroute 1 year  |  Nutrition student & personal trainer with a contagious smile

The days when you aren’t able to follow through on your intention are days when you can have the biggest breakthroughs. Take them as opportunities to learn and grow, not put yourself down. That being said, we know unlearning self-deprecation is hard, and aren’t here to judge if you’re having a crummy day and aren’t feeling like a ray of sunshine. We’re all human just trying our best.

“Something is always better than nothing! Don’t be shy about sharing everything, like when you got a great arm workout in because you had a hardcore vacuuming sesh!”

✨ Claire  |  Guide  |  Team Wishroute 3 months  |  Educator and avid camper

Committing to a full-length workout, an afternoon of meal prep, or a full kitchen cleanout is freakin’ awesome, but so is learning how to make small choices and tweaks throughout your day that bring you closer to your goals. Both are valid and important!

“Don’t be afraid to try something new. You might discover a new favorite vegetable, that meditation CAN fit into your life, or a workout style you fall in love with.”

✨ Megan  |   Guide  | Team Wishroute 8 months  |  Fitness instructor, nutritionist and super mom

We’ve all heard “you won’t know unless you try” at least 200 times before. Sometimes the pressure to always be doing something new can feel daunting, so find the mix of experimentation and consistency that works for you. That could mean introducing 1 new workout video a week or grabbing a different variety of lettuce at the store next time, to listening to a new mediation every morning or starting a brand new meal plan. And if it doesn’t work it’s not a failure -- finding what doesn’t work can be just as important as finding what does!

“Take advantage of your ability to change your messaging preferences and weekly check-ins -- our support is on your terms.”

Kait  |   Engagement & Programming  |  Team Wishroute 2.5 years   Heavy lifter and Spartan Racer

Want your morning messages at 10am every day, evening check-ins later, or want messages on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays? We gotchu, just ask! Depending on what you’re focusing on, you may have a game plan each week to control your check-ins, so take advantage of that. If you don’t (or haven’t unlocked it yet 😉) you can always text us if you’d like to take a few days off to unplug, are on vacation and just want simple nudges to stay on track, or tweaked your back and need to take a week off from exercise. This is your journey!

"Focus is on the whole you. Mind, body, AND spirit. Set time for you to do something that not only you might enjoy, but is good for your soul!"

✨ Melissa  |  Guide   Team Wishroute 3 months  |  Educator, youth coach, and vegan baking pro

Warm up for your workout dancing to 80’s pop. Get yourself fun napkins for your dinner table. Call a friend while you’re out on your walk just to say you’re grateful for them. Cook your mom’s famous cookies for your birthday. Write down that cheesy quote that made you feel good.

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