The Wishroute Journey: From Part Time Social Media Manager to Full Time Nurse

Read how Michaela’s time at Wishroute helped her find her passion for patient care and accountability
Michaela Santillo

My journey with Wishroute began in November 2018 when I was a Junior at Boston College studying Economics and Communications. After meeting with Wishroute CEO Jess Lynch, I was inspired by Wishroute’s mission and thought it would be a great place to gain experience within the wellness space while learning more about the start-up world. Jess and the Wishroute team’s passion and dedication was contagious, and before long, I found myself invested in the success of the company and expanding the impact of Wishroute. 

I began helping wherever I could, with various tasks including creating social media posts, compiling content such as workouts and recipes, copy editing text message drafts, and helping with partnership outreach. Being at a smaller company doing such innovative and rapidly evolving work allowed me to experience a variety of aspects of business. 

As I continued to work at Wishroute, my perspective on what I wanted to do with my career started to become clearer. I realized that I was particularly interested in the methodology behind positive behavior change and the ways in which it can be implemented. Working together to discover what kind of messaging was most effective and what types of rewards really boost motivation was an incredible learning experience for me. 

After graduating from college, I took a job in consulting that would allow me to gain experience as a new grad. I was excited to be able to stay working part-time with Wishroute, which I treated as a sort of passion-project as I worked a more menial full-time job. Continuing to be part of Wishroute helped stoke the fire that was continuing to grow inside of me, and every bit of user feedback and testimonial praising Wishroute was a constant source of inspiration.

I began to volunteer at a hospital in the city, and was able to see first-hand the need for patient accountability and how daily decisions can really impact people’s health. The longer I worked at Wishroute, the more I believed in the power of the ideas behind it. I came to realize that my interest in wellness was less on the economic side of things, and more with direct patient care. Because of this, I made the decision to apply to nursing school with support from Jess and the entire Wishroute team. 

Being part of the team at Wishroute allowed me to explore my interests in the health and wellness field, and learn about how to support people in reaching their goals. There were two main things that kept me motivated every day: the Wishroute team and our users. Team Wishroute is unlike any other group I’ve worked with before. Everyone comes to the table with a diverse background and set of experiences, but the common mission of Wishroute pulls the team together in a powerful way. I think that the purpose-driven core of Wishroute attracts a certain type of person, and it’s an incredible, infectious energy to be around.

Wishroute users are also what makes all of the work worth it! Hearing from users about their positive experiences, and being along with them on their journey of self-improvement is incredibly powerful. Seeing how the power of accountability can transform people’s habits is remarkable, and is a great reminder of the importance of continuing to work hard.

I aim to bring my experiences with both the team and users at Wishroute with me in my nursing work, and continue to help people in a different, yet very much related realm!

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