The Best and Worst Text Messages of June

The Do's and Don'ts of Business Text Messaging: June 2022 Edition

As the popularity of SMS marketing has skyrocketed, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to stand out from their competitors. Thankfully, simplicity is your best friend when it comes to keeping your customers engaged, and we at Wishroute are committed to helping you run your most effective marketing campaign yet.

In June’s edition of the Do’s and Don’ts of text message marketing, we have compiled a list of some simple strategies you can use to prevent you from making the same mistakes as your competitors and get your customer’s attention👀.

The Do: A Food Subscription Confirming an Order

This Food Subscription Company does a great job with messages that are….

  1. Relevant to the Customer: All the details in the message directly pertain to the customer’s order and their next steps. Your customers are likely to stay opted into messaging that stays consistently relevant and keeps the fluff to a minimum.
  2. Direct: This company does a great job of communicating where the message is coming from, important details about the pickup, and full disclosure on how to easily opt out of messaging from this food delivery service. There were no unnecessary details added into the message, making it short, sweet, and to the point. Although we’d suggest an emoji relevant to the brand 🥗📦🎉
  3. Transparent: This company does a great job of being transparent about what the messaging will entail, so the customer knows exactly what they are signing up for when they opted in for messaging. There is clear transparency that the messaging will be about the order, and even a simple way to opt out. The more direct the information is for the customer, the better your customer conversion rates will be. 

The Don’t: A Food Subscription Company trying to entice a customer back

This Food Subscription Company could improve by sending texts that are…

  1. Easy to Opt Out Of: Generally, less is more when it comes to messaging. A simple ‘reply STOP to cancel’ is usually best practice, and redirecting a customer to a different link to unsubscribe will likely deter your customers further. The goal is always to work with your customers, not against them.
  2. Relevant: While mentioning the 10% off might’ve enticed the customer, giving more compelling details personal to what the company knows about the person will perform better. Call out a specific food the customer likes, make it relevant to their lifestyle and pain points (stay at home parent cooking for kids, single professional working long hours, etc.) or at least make it relevant to the season, day of week, or local weather. If no data is available, adding an image or food emojis to spark a craving would make your message stand out more.
  3. Better formatted: Aesthetics matter a lot when it comes to SMS marketing. Most of your customers are going to be glancing over many messages that look just like yours throughout the day, so professionalism and proper formatting are vital for standing out. Instead of the sporadic spacing, staying consistent would be more pleasing to the eye, making it more likely to be clicked on and read through by a customer. 

Have you received a good or bad text from a company that you think we should feature next month? Text us your example at (617) 553-6631!

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