The Best and Worst Text Messages of January

The Do’s and Don’ts of Business Text Messaging: January 2022 Edition
Isabelle Fillenworth

SMS is dominating the mobile market as a fast, efficient, and high-visibility way to communicate with your audience. As its popularity grows with brands, its preference among customers flourishes. Based on a study by Zipwip, 58% of people say texting is the ideal way for businesses to reach them. Unlike a call from an unknown number or an email that’s sent right to spam, texting can put your message directly in the palm of your customer’s hands.

However, text message marketing isn’t about sending generic messages. There are a number of creative ways your company can personally relate with your customer through SMS. By establishing real human connection through thoughtful conversation, you can easily grab their attention and foster their loyalty. Let’s explore some more tips on implementing this strategy in our next installment of the Do’s and Don’ts of business text message marketing!

The Do: An Insurance Agent Introducing Himself to a Prospective Client

This insurance company does a great job with messages that are…

  1. Attentive: Text messages are incredibly useful in providing helpful information to your audience at the right moment. By recognizing their needs and offering assistance, you can establish a trusting relationship with your customers.
  1. Personal: SMS conversations are most effective when the customer is greeted by an actual person. In the digital age, human connection is necessary in establishing a lasting relationship with your customers.
  1. Beneficial: The purpose of marketing messaging is to provide something of benefit to its recipient, like offering additional discounts and personal help!

The Don’t: Betting Site Offering Promotions

This betting site could improve by sending texts that are…

  1. Complaint: It is of the utmost importance that SMS marketing follows all SMS legal guidelines. If your recipient replies with a command such as STOP, cancel or unsubscribe, the platform has to respond accordingly. An easy fix to this problem would be to work with a compliant vendor or  complement automated messages with a real human review team!
  1. Simpler: It is important to contain the conversation to an exchange between the customer and one business number. Directing your recipient to engage with another number, but on the same topic, is confusing. 
  1. Useful: Of course it is the purpose of text message marketing to promote your business, but remember these are people you’re talking to. Take a more personal approach when communicating; your audience will appreciate it more than if you’re only pitching sales to them. 

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