The Best and Worst Text Messages of December

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Business Text Messaging: December 2021 Edition
Isabelle Fillenworth

SMS marketing has introduced an entirely new way to engage with your customers. Now your business can meet its audience exactly where they are - on their smartphones. According to a study done by EZ Texting, 69% of consumers want the ability to contact a business via text! However, the opportunity to interact with your audience using SMS comes with responsibility and requires certain etiquette.

Text message marketing sets your business apart by connecting with your customers on a more personal and accessible level. When implemented properly, SMS marketing can be one of the most reliable strategies out there. Follow along for some more helpful tips in executing this method successfully and thoughtfully!

The Do: A Dental Office Rescheduling a Patient Appointment

This dental office does a great job with messages that are...

  1. Important: In time sensitive situations like appointments, text messaging comes in handy. By delivering helpful information immediately, your customers will find you more reliable. 
  1. Friendly: To create the best experience for your customer, it’s important to establish a friendly tone in your messaging tactics. Addressing them by name and using very human and conversational language are great ways to form a natural and personal connection. 
  1. Non-prescriptive: It’s important to give your customer options to choose from, rather than telling them what to do. This is their decision - you’re just there to help them along.

The Don’t: A Makeup Company Promoting a Pink Friday Sale

This makeup company should work on the following…

  1. Tone: Applying pressure on your customers by emphasizing timeliness and using aggressive capitalization is off putting.
  1. Content: Only informing your customers of sales can be bothersome and abrasive to an audience who may be interested in more than just promotional offers. If they signed up for texts, they likely want more than just updates on your latest sales. 
  1. Frequency: If you are committed to texting your consumers often, it is important that you do so with care. Customers are more likely to opt out when they find your texts to be overwhelming. 

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