Team Spotlight - Meet Kait Taylor

We’re excited to introduce you to our Programming and Engagement Lead, Kait Taylor. Learn how she uses her background in wellness and communication to inspire others to lead their best lives!
Kait Taylor

Hey Kait, when did you start with Wishroute?

I started with Wishroute very early on - our CEO & Founder Jess likes to say I’ve been here since the beginning. I was working full-time as a personal trainer, health coach and yoga instructor back in 2018 when a funny coincidence turned into meeting Jess for coffee, where we chatted about how even with all the wellness products and apps out there, so many people still struggled to meet their health goals.  Then Jess shared what she had been working on: 

“What if everyone had an accountability buddy, a real human who texted you each day to help you follow through in an encouraging, judgment-free way …” The rest is history! 

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your professional background?

My background is in both wellness and communication. I’ve spent about 15 years coaching in the wellness space with various certifications, but before making it my full-time gig in 2014, I worked as a journalist/reporter writing about a wide range of topics. 

How about on a personal note. What are some cool things to know about you? 

I love a good adventure! I enjoy traveling, the beach, and outdoor sports like snowboarding, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, horseback riding, and obstacle course racing. I played DII field hockey in college, I’ve competed in a Strongman competition, and I start every day on my yoga mat (even if it’s 6am in an airport lounge). If you ask me to pick the restaurant, I’ll choose Mexican food or sushi, I most often have a coffee in hand, and I’ve never met a dance floor I didn’t like 🕺

 What do you do for Wishroute in your position?

Without giving away any trade secrets, the main part of my role as the Programming and Engagement Lead is delighting and supporting users. I often work with wellness companies and brands to bring their features, content and voice to life, and I work with our team of guides to help them become expert coaches. 

What do you like most about working at Wishroute? 

It’s my personal mission to empower my fellow humans to help them realize their own strength, both inside and out. Wishroute allows me to carry out that mission, not only with the humans on the other side of the text, but with my team as well. And although creating something new has its challenges, I love the dynamic atmosphere that start-up life offers. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and tackling problems in a creative way, and I love working with other wellness companies and brands.   

What’s one wellness goal you’ve set for yourself in 2022?

Right now my focus is mainly on keeping a consistent strength training and yoga regime with a busy schedule … but who knows what the year will bring? 😉

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