Do These 3 Things to Jumpstart Your Energy Each Morning

Every day is a new opportunity to change for the better and transform into the person you aspire to be, so take what habits work best for you and make a personal commitment to feeling good! Here are some of our favorite habits to start your day off strong.
Neha Muppidi

1. Do a quick meditation

Meditation can reduce stress and boost your mood, so what better way to start off your day than by trying it out yourself! Even just 5-10 minutes spent focusing on deep breathing can do wonders and get your day started on a positive note!

Put it into action: 

  • Meditation is best done in a quiet, comfortable space that you have designated specifically for the practice, so find a spot in your home that you think might work. 
  • BUT, meditation doesn’t have to be stationary! It’s also something that can be done on a calming walk around your neighborhood
  • If you are new to the practice, it may help to follow a guided meditation—check out this beginner-friendly favorite:

2. Get outside

Exposing yourself to some sunlight and fresh air first thing in the morning is a great mood-booster! Spending a few moments outside each morning tells your body to wake up and start producing vitamin D, which is important for your energy levels, skin, and much more. 

Put it into action: 

  • If you crave structure in the morning, there’s no shame in sticking to the same walking loop around the block or just sitting on the stoop with your coffee.
  • If morning walks seem boring, pick a little mental game to play with yourself — count the birds you see, different types of trees, number of red cars, etc.
  • Do you have a more strict schedule or less flexibility to be able to get outside? Fear not, because I’m sure you’ll have access to the next best thing—windows! Get those blinds up, crack open your windows, and let some fresh air and natural light into your space.

3. Move your body, even if just for a few minutes

Exercise is surely important for the body, but sometimes we tend to forget its impact on the mind; it’s a great way to improve our moods and wake ourselves up in the morning. It gets your blood flowing and oxygen moving to your brain, which stimulates the release of mood-enhancing hormones like dopamine and serotonin, giving you a physical and mental boost!

Put it into action: 

  • Full workouts are great, but even a few minutes of exercise can have a positive impact, so fit in whatever you can!
  • There’s no rule saying that exercise must consist of intense cardio or strength training. If you’re looking to start with something simple that can challenge other aspects of your body, opt for some stretching and light yoga like this:

It could take a bit of time, patience, and tweaking to figure out the bst combo and order of these to do each morning, but if you stick with it, these acticities will become a natural part of your routine. Staying accountable to yourself and your goals can surely be harder than it seems at times, but that’s where Wishroute comes in. 

With consistency and a little accountability to stick to these habits, and try again the next morning when you have an off day, you’ll be well on your way to feeling happier and more energized each morning!

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