The 3 Most Important Things to Look for in an Accountability Service

Having trouble getting started on your wellness goals or hit a plateau and need an extra push? Realizing you need accountability can be a big hurdle, but once you decide it’s the push you need, consider these characteristics for the highest chance of success
Cristina Heilbron

What to look for

Having an accountability service check in on your progress can give you the motivation you need to jump-start seemingly daunting goals like working out consistently and eating healthier, but not all are created equal!


Have you ever cancelled a doctor's appointment, skipped a fitness class, or ignored a friend's check-in text because you were worried about being judged? Shame and fear can cause you to ignore a source of accountability (or cut it out altogether), so make sure you’re comfortable enough to report back on tough days when you didn’t hit your goal. These are the days support can be the most helpful, and road bumps are a normal part of the process!

Realistic expectations

Ever tried a plan that required 10 big changes from the get-go and you burned by day 3? A good accountability service should meet you where you are and adjust to your experience level and goals. Like behavioral scientist BJ Fogg, we believe tiny habits are the place to start and build up to help you achieve more difficult goals. Some tasks require incredible motivation and drive, which not everyone has every day, so make sure your accountability service prioritizes realistic actions that will make success achievable and build into a stronger routine over time. Sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight!


Have you ever made a plan with a wellness professional and found when you went to your follow-up meeting three months later, you hadn’t followed through? How often you touch base with your accountability partner makes a big difference. It can be daily, on Wednesdays, after each workout, or only when you hit certain milestones but finding the right check-in cadence for you is important. A consistent, reliable check-in schedule can keep your relationship, and the motivation that comes with it, strong.

We believe tiny habits are the place to start and build up to help you achieve more difficult goals.

Is Wishroute the right accountability service for you?

We pride ourselves on our judgment-free philosophy, which is one of the most important factors for a relationship with an accountability service to succeed. This philosophy includes tackling your goals at a realistic pace so when you slip up it’s not overwhelming to get back on track (because spoiler: we all slip up sometimes). We’ll consistently check-in at the frequency that works for you and will keep you inspired with a new workout, recipe, or idea each morning.

At the end of the day, we think an accountability service should support you through any road blocks you may face and cheer you on through all your big and small accomplishments.

Wishroute is able to do that because when you text us, you’re not texting a bot or logging something in an app—you’re sharing your experiences with real people on Team Wishroute. Depending on how your day went, we’ll  respond with enthusiasm, motivation, humor, encouragement, understanding, or help you brainstorm plans for tomorrow..

So what can I do today to move in the right direction?

We can chat about how much we like accountability all day, but we both have goals to get to! If you’ve read this far, you’re probably on the hunt for answers to your own motivational puzzle. Because we like being actionable, we encourage you today to take one step closer towards your goals by:

  1. Giving Wishroute a shot! No commitment necessary; just try our seven-day free trial! We hope you’re able to find the accountability you need to start crushing your goals with our team. Just click the “start FREE trial” button!
  2. Reading more about the different types of accountability services in our blog Stop Procrastinating And Start Nailing Your Wellness Goals With An Accountability Service.
  3. Doing an intention-setting activity! Not sure if you want to give an accountability service like Wishroute a shot yet? Consider these prompts to bring you a little closer to your goals this week:
  • A goal I want to be working on is __________
  • To work toward my goal, one thing I’ll commit to doing MORE of this week is _________
  • To work toward my goal, one thing I’ll commit to doing LESS of this week is _________
  • One thing I’m proud of doing so far to achieve my goal is  (even if it’s just doing this activity) __________________

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