5 Exercise Myths That Could Be Stopping You From Hitting Your Goals

If you've never worked out before, there's no “right way” to exercise. If you’ve fallen out of a routine, there’s no one clear path to getting back into it. The quick answer is “just do something”, but today we’re diving into 5 myths that may be in the way of you moving more and finding a happy relationship with exercise.
Sara Cheh

Myth #1: My workout has to be high-intensity 

Oftentimes people think that if they aren’t working up a sweat, they aren’t working hard enough. Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself, not necessarily an indicator of exertion. It is possible to burn a significant amount of calories and reap the health benefits of exercise without breaking too much of a sweat. HIIT routines and other high-energy workouts are awesome, but that shouldn’t be your threshold for a workout to be “worth it”. Studies show walking and low-intensity yoga can have very positive impacts on health. So, just in the mood for a walk? Get out there, it’s worth it!

Myth #2: It has to be a certain length

If I don’t have enough time to complete a full workout routine I should just skip it, right? Definitely not! Even a five minute workout every day results in a stronger heart, increased brainpower and stronger fitness. At Wishroute, we leave behind the 7-day crash plans and all-or-nothing mindsets to create change in a sustainable way. So, if for you a sustainable routine is 15 minutes of yoga in the morning, with longer walks or workouts when you have the time, then celebrare that movement! Give this 5-minute ladder workout a spin next time you're in the mood to move but are in a time crunch:

Myth #3: It has to happen at the gym

Whether you don’t have time to go to the gym, or don’t have access to one, don’t let that discourage you from working out. Yes, gyms come with equipment, machines, and an environment focused on exercise, but there’s plenty of exercise you can do outdoors with no equipment or in your living room with things from around your home. 

  • Living room (a bit more space): side lunges, walk-out planks, chair arm dips, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bicycle crunches, wine bottle bicep curls
  • Bedroom (little space): pushups against your dresser, squats, calf raises, high-knees, wall sits
  • Yard/park: bench step-ups, walking lunges, bear crawls, weighted backpack carry, 20 yard sprints

Myth #4: I have to be in hip gym attire

Workout clothes don’t have to be expensive leggings and high-tech tank tops- it can be a t-shirt and sweatpants! Wear whatever you want as long as you are able to move effectively. Your workout outfit doesn’t determine the effectiveness of your workout, so make sure to wear something you can move freely in and doesn’t limit your movement. But don't get us wrong, if buying a second pair of your favorite workout shorts is going to help you work out more, then we're all for it. Long story short, wear whatever makes you comfortable and makes you feel good.

Myth #5: I have to have a full plan

A common large obstacle when just starting to work out is designing a workout plan. Having a personal trainer design a customized plan for you is wonderful, but if you’re on your own, fret not! So, where do you start? Falling into an internet or Pinterest wormhole can be time consuming and demoralizing. No one here is telling you you have to have an extreme regiment-- pick the days you’ll have time to move and find exercises that you enjoy to fill them. Boom! There’s your plan. Here are two places to start curating your own go-to workout list

  • A virtual training app: Nike Training is approachable, has a diversity of workouts, and is free! Try a few things out, see what you like, and no shame in repeating the same workout 3x a week if you love
  • If you're looking to start running: Couch-2-5k is just what you need for a training pace that’s realistic (and helps prevent injury from too much mileage too quickly).
  • Youtube: It's easy to get lost in, but if you do a bit of work up front it's worth it. If you spend a little time searching for the types of workouts you want (e.g. 30-minute beginner bodyweight workout), try out a few videos, then see if you can find 2-4 trainers or pages that you really like and want to stick with. Before long the YouTube algorithm will do its thing and curate other workout videos similar to what you're interested in
  • Wishroute: We're obvioiusly a little biased, but we love our approach to fitness. In your first week we'll get to know each other, and then you'll unlock the Wishroute game plan to set your goals for each day of the week, and we'll help you stick to it by sending workouts and tips in the mornings and checking in for accountability each evening. Realistic intentions and judgment-free support that leads to sustainable exercise routine. Click the button below to learn more about our approach to exercise, or sign up now to try us out by clicking the "start FREE trial" button.

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