3 Quick Ways to Practice Self-Care From a Wellness CEO

I love talking about my yoga, meditation, and other self-care routines, but I understand these practices take time and effort. At Wishroute we’re all about approachable wellness, so today I'm sharing three impactful ways I practice self-care that don't require you to set aside a big block of time.
Jess Lynch

Limit your email notifications.

I always have emails in my inbox. Always. The red notification bubble—showing how many unread emails I have—never goes away, and it just makes me open the app more often! I feel satisfied after it goes away, but it's a vicious cycle. I recently turned OFF email notifications on my phone and it's made a BIG difference. If the red dot isn't there, I check my email on MY terms, which saves me time and frees me up for other self-care activities. Fewer distractions and less feeling like "I'm missing something" mean less stress and more peace of mind!

If you're on an iPhone: Settings -> Notifications -> Mail -> click the toggle off for "Allow Notifications"

Remind yourself that perfection isn't the goal

When something doesn’t go exactly how I hoped it would, I take a moment to remind myself that the goal was never perfection. Who says everything I do or say has to be perfect every time? Just me—I'm my own worst critic. We can’t change what others say, but we CAN change what we say to ourselves, so by being more mindful of my internal dialogue I can improve my peace of mind.  Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, I take a moment to reflect on what I might do differently next time and to remind myself I did my best.  When something does go really well, however, let yourself sit with that success! I like to give myself a smile and internal high five (or a real one!), because I earned myself a little celebration.  

We can’t change what others say, but we CAN change what we say to ourselves, so by being more mindful of my internal dialogue I can improve my peace of mind.

Master the walk and talk

So many of us sit ALL day; I know I do! Whenever I can, whether I'm talking to a friend, family member, teammate, or another entrepreneur, I put on my headphones and walk around the block (if it’s not a video call). Getting moving helps me maintain my energy and increases my productivity when I sit back down. Sometimes I’ll run into an issue like ambient noise or needing my computer for reference, so I try to stay close to my apartment and avoid construction. This can lead to looping the same area a few times during a call and occasionally a questioning look or two, but self-care comes first! It’s always worth it.

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