Healthy Eating

You deserve to fuel your body to be both mentally and physically motivated. We’ll never tell you not to eat something. Instead, we’ll provide suggestions that help you upgrade your day-to-day food and beverage decisions so that you’re living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We use these guidelines from Harvard as a jumping off point for how we approach nutrition. 


Life is unpredictable. Even when you try to plan, unexpected obstacles can get in the way. We believe in building healthy habits and a toolkit for you to have on hand so that when something doesn’t go as planned, you won’t give up and throw your progress out the window. Now, you’ll be equipped to make the best choice at that moment for you.


Choose to learn to:

  • Meal plan and prep

  • Make healthy choices eating out

  • Make healthy choices in social settings

  • Eat more vegetables

  • Reduce your sugar intake

  • Snack in a healthy way


Move more and sit less. Every little bit counts! The Federal Physical Activity Guidelines support this, and so do we. We’ll help you find ways to fit exercise into your day, and will encourage you to do something — even if it’s short — as often as you can.


We believe exercise is more fun (and more likely to get done) when you move in a way that works for you. We’ll ask you what you enjoy, what equipment you have access to, if any, and we'll send suggestions that fit into your life with ease.


Choose from:

  • Working out at home

  • Hitting the gym

  • Going to exercise classes

  • Walking or running outside

  • Biking outside

  • Playing group sports

  • Meeting with a personal trainer


Need a break? Good! We believe in balance.

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