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We know it's tough to maintain your wellness routine with most gyms and fitness studios closing. However, many of your favorite trainers and coaches are going live online and offering free workouts, meditations and other helpful suggestions! We'll continue to update this list with the latest and greatest online offerings so you can stay inspired from home.

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Accounts with LIVE workouts
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BarreGroove - Live sculpt and combo classes
Nicole Pearce - Live home workouts and a killer youtube channel!
The Coastal Yogi - Live yoga and meditation sessions
Club High Rise - Wide variety of live classes
Aly Gray - Equinox trainer. At home workouts and live tabata
Reebok Performance - Live classes daily
Modo Yoga NYC - Live yoga classes daily
Everybody Fights Instructor - Live HIIT and combo boxing classes
Lynx Fitness Club - Live classes daily
Boston Yoga Union - Live interactive yoga classes straight from their studio
Sweat Fixx Studio - Live HIIT workouts by studio instructors. Stream live via Instagram or Stream360 page
Healthworks - Live classes daily

Accounts with workouts available
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Izzy Atkinson - Coach at Flywheel Sports posting home workout videos
Row Republic - Boston-based row studio that posts daily home workouts
Cyndi Cayer - Personal trainer and yoga instructor. Posts yoga flows for you to follow along with
Michelle Maciel - Certified personal trainer posting great workouts. Also posting meal and nutrition ideas
Laura Hathaway - IFBB Pro Figure competitor, personal trainer and Alopecia advocate posting daily home workouts and modifications
Kara Duval- Pilates instructor offering mat-based pilates from her living room asking for donations to the Greater Boston Food Bank for her virtual classes
Katie Crew- Nutrition and fitness coach posting tons of great at home workouts using body weight and simple accessories
Kenny Vertus- Online personal trainer who posts high intensity and agility workouts
Lynndsey Eldridge- New mom, bikini competitor, coach and owner of Big Mountain Barbell Gym. Posting at home workouts and inspirational messages
Trillfit- Boston-based fitness studio posting cardio dance videos on their website

Accounts with healthy eating tips & recipes

Balancewithb- Blair Flynn is a great go-to for easy healthy recipes
Zenblen- Posting smoothie recipes and researched backed healthy eating tips
Melissa Mauricio- Intuitive eating coach sharing tips for getting through this as your healthiest and happiest self
Paleo Chef - Mary Shenouda is a private performance chef who posts tons of content on nutrition as well as meditation
Rosemary Fresh - Meredith Bonney is a mom, private chef and caterer who posts recipes and guided cooking videos

Accounts with mindfulness inspiration to help you stay centered

Prezence - Offering the pro version of their app for free through the end of April! Also offering live online meditations
Garrett Wood - Mindset coach posting mindful content and inspirational messages
Sarah Gaines - Mindfulness coach and entrepreneur with a focus on love, positivity, awareness, confidence and fun always telling it like it is
Gretchen Rubin - NYT Best selling author and co-host of the Happier Podcast. She is streaming live every day at 4pm with her sister Elizabeth
Yoga with Adriene - Posts yoga flows and meditation to calm nerves and anxiety on her YouTube channel
Tiny Habits for Coronavirus Challenges - Zoom Meetings to help with anxiety during this time and lots of habit building tips

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