Wishroute Express
Human-powered SMS to fix user drop off points

Add a human touch to your customer experience with minimal setup time and no staff needed (we provide the human support😁)
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We've helped apps, platforms, gyms, and product subscriptions:
  • Increase in-app engagement +50%
  • Improve reorder rate +70%
  • Increase month-one retention +15%

Converse with your customers in key moments:

Increase conversion by engaging users:
  • After an incomplete sign-up
  • When billing fails

Improve retention by:
  • Checking in after a user’s first purchase
  • Offering a discount code when a user cancels
  • Getting real-time feedback

Increase engagement with:
  • A welcome text at the start of a free trial
  • A helpful nudge when a user becomes inactive

Join other customers that leverage the power of human connection:

“Wishroute's human-centric approach is critical. Their expertise in behavior change mixed with the easy onboarding and effortless ongoing management made them the obvious choice.”
Colleen Hayes, CEO
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Here's what users have said:

“Thank you so much for all your help and information 🥰💖You are amazing! I have been watching everything you suggested and I’m loving it!”

“Hello Team, thank you. It can certainly be challenging to navigate something new. It is comforting to see that you provide this service!”

“Thank you!!!! I love that you’re so supportive in this process and subscription. I’m going to submit a 5 star rating now.”

Pricing & Plans:


Jumpstart your customer relationships with a human touch
/ mo
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Multi-touchpoint custom onboarding and retention programs
Custom pricing
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Platform subscription*
$250/month, includes first 100 users
Speak with our onboarding concierge team
Additional users*
101-500 $1/user
501-1,000 $.85/user
1,001-2,000 $.70/user
Custom pricing based on volume
Human replies from our guide team
Basic white-labeled: choose agent and company name
Custom white-labeled: choose agent and company name plus tone, key phrases, emoji use, and more
One event
Multiple events
Multiple pathways based on user's goals
Real-time reporting dashboard with standard KPIs
Custom KPI reporting
User insight reporting
Personal onboarding
Dedicated account manager
A/B testing for optimized experience
Consulting on your product’s user experience
Customer data secured using best practices
Customer data never shared with third parties

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How do I get started?

Book a demo call today and we’ll walk you through the setup process - it’s quick, easy, and we’re there to support you every step of the way.

What kind of results can I expect?  

For apps, our SMS support has increased in-app engagement by 50%.

For digital subscriptions (apps & web), providing users with navigation support and a human touch has improved monthly retention by 15%.

For product subscriptions, our SMS support has made users feel authentically cared about and more invested in the product, leading to a 70% increase in reorders.

How can I contact you for a quick question?

We’d love to hear from you! You can text us at (617) 553-6631, email us at hello@wishroute.com, or book a demo call.

What do you need from me to get started?

It’s pretty simple! During your onboarding call, we’ll discuss where a Wishroute touchpoint will have the greatest impact on your user experience. Then, we’ll share our webhook integration options and support you through that setup process. Finally, we’ll take you through a quick checklist of items like your product’s FAQ/knowledge base, a point of contact for questions, relevant links within your product offerings, and what you want our human guides to call themselves. You’ll never feel overwhelmed, we facilitate the setup process so there’s no learning curve for you.

How quickly can we get started?

Book a demo call now and our team can be engaging with your users in a matter of days!

What kind of support will I receive post-launch?

Once the program has launched, our team will provide you a dashboard with real-time updates. We’ll also schedule a 30-min meeting one week after launch to review early results and monthly or quarterly 30-min meetings to review ongoing progress.

What if I don’t collect cell phone number from my customers?

No problem! We’re happy to advise you on adding cell phone number collection to your product in a TCPA compliant way as part of your onboarding.

We already have a chatbot and/or customer service line on our product site - why add human SMS support?

Chatbots require your customers to take action to reach out. Wishroute is proactive and checks in with your customers to ensure they’re feeling successful. Our human guides coach and encourage your customers through sticking points that can otherwise result in onboarding and subscription churn, leading to long-term loyalty and retention.

What types of events are supported by Wishroute?

Wishroute supports events at key stages of your customer journey including signup, upgrade, trial completion, cancelation, inactivity, order placement, and more. Express users can get started quickly by selecting the stage at which they want to message their customers. For Enterprise users, you can work with the Wishroute User Experience team to develop a customized messaging plan unique to your customer journey.

Who will be on the other side of texts?

Our guides are based in the U.S. and trained in the Wishroute coaching methodology and your company’s product offerings. We have rigorous quality and training practices to ensure every Wishroute guide on your account is ready to deliver thoughtful, accurate responses.

What hours are your guide team available?

Our guides are online 8:30am-10pm EST, 7 days a week (aside from major holidays).

What if my customers ask a question your Wishroute guides can’t answer?

During onboarding we’ll establish a point of contact on your team. If one of our guides gets a question they can’t answer, they’ll reach out to their designated point of contact on your team and pass the answer on to the customer (and any future customers with the same question).

Who will my customers think is messaging them?

We’re a white-labeled service and you can control the persona. Let’s say your company is named TrackNow. During onboarding you’ll get to decide if you want our guides to reply as the TrackNow Team (or TrackNow Concierge Team) or if you want them to adopt a single persona like “Simone” from the TrackNow team. We want to integrate with your brand voice and product in the way that is most natural and cohesive.

How are # of monthly users counted for billing purposes?

Each month we’ll charge you for the number of users that you send with valid phone numbers (we exclude any where texts were not delivered). Each month is a fresh count, so you don’t pay for the previous month’s signups. If we agree upon and set up an additional touchpoint that is relevant to those users, however, they’ll count as “new” users when they hit that trigger point.

Is there a free trial?

Because of the set-up required on our end, we don’t offer a free trial at this time. However, we offer monthly subscriptions, enabling you to add Wishroute without a long-term commitment. We want you to feel fairly treated and valued as a customer. If you aren’t happy with our partnership, we’ll work hard to make it right.

What if I’m not happy with this service?

We hope you will be but Wishroute subscriptions can be canceled with 60 days notice. We will always work hard to ensure you feel treated fairly and as a valued customer. If you aren’t happy with our partnership, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Is Express or Enterprise right for me?

Express: If you’re looking for a cost effective and quick way to add a human touch to your user experience to reduce drop-off, Express is the right fit for you. Set up time is only 1 day!

Enterprise: If you’re looking to develop a relationship with your user to help them build a habit around your product, increase engagement in your app, and build brand loyalty, enterprise is the right fit for you. Set up time is approximately 4 weeks.

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