About Us

We’re WishRoute — your unconditional friend and your accountability buddyTM. We provide individualized daily support to help you build healthy habits around exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.


Unlike cookie-cutter wellness programs that ask you to track everything you do, our goal is to personally support you as you focus on one manageable, realistic habit change at a time.  Building lasting healthy habits is easier when you have the resources that work for YOU - expect inspiration and suggestions specifically tailored to you and text message check-ins for accountability. You will be supported by real people on the WishRoute team through your wins and challenges because we know a robot can only hold you so accountable.


Because we recognize everyone is different, WishRoute empowers you to chart your own path — you can shift your habit focus at any time so you can keep progressing. As you make healthy choices, you earn points towards surprise gifts...because be real, who doesn’t love to earn points and gifts?

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